Microneedling combined with Acupuncture


Can Acupuncture be used in conjunction with Microneedling?

Yes! Microneeling is just a modern adaptation of an ancient treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. The "Plum Blossom Needle" or "7 Star Needle" is a highly effective tool that has been used for over 2 thousand years in China for numerous ailments  including skin quality and tightness, scars, signs of aging, discoloration, baldness and stretchmarks.

Modern microneedling machines provide more uniform and adjustable depth that plum blossom can not - making the use of microneedling  machine more effective, cleaner and safer.

By combining traditional cosmetic acupuncture with microneedling, we are able to locally improve the quality of our skin, while simultaneously balancing and regulating the energetic systems of our bodies that relate to stress, circulation, muscle tone, skin quality and moisture, sleep quality, dark circles, even skin tone and energy levels.

This way we are able to approach beauty from every angle with the cause and symptom approach.


This is next level beauty maintenance from thousands of years of tried and true therapies. 

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