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~ Fire ~

Sumer is the time for the fire element. This is a time of high energy, joy and warmth.

Unlike the cold stillness of winter (the Water Element) where we should do less, sleep more and move inward within ourselves – Summer is just the opposite. Now is the time for longer days, harder work, social events and plenty of fun (joy).

Meridians: Heart, Small Intestines, Pericardium, Triple Warmer.

People with strong Fire energy may be quite charismatic. They excel at commanding others to action. They may love talking, laughing and socializing.


Fire Imbalance

When the Fire Qi is weak, a person may be lackluster or bland. They may suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. They may stutter, talk too much and too rapidly, or laugh nervously. They may be too excitable, easily stimulated to excesses, or they may be emotionally cold and unfeeling. Common illnesses include; insomnia, palpitations, hypertension, heart problems, and sores on the mouth and tongue. 

People strongly influenced by the Fire element may be vulnerable in very hot weather, and may be calmed and centered by walking. The bitter flavor favors the Fire Qi. Coffee is a bitter flavor, but its effects may aggravate the Heart Qi. The healthy bitter flavors include dark, green leafy vegetables.




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Metal of the Five Elements

As we find ourselves in the midst of this slow to arrive Autumn – I’d like to share some ancient insights about this season and how it relates to our lives, health, emotions and nutrition.

In 5 element theory – there are seasons, organ systems, emotions, foods/ flavors and specific body tissues that relate to each element.

Autumn is the time of Metal. Which relates to our Lungs and Large Intestine. The health of these energy systems is reflected in our skin and hair as well as the balance of our emotion grief, lung function and elimination.

Since these organ systems are tasked with elimination – this is a good time for detoxification of the emotions and body as we prepare for the winter season – Water.

The colour of the Metal element is white and the flavor is pungent (acrid, spicy, hot & aromatic) – therefore, at this time, consuming pungent foods of white colour are well received by our bodies – radish, turnip, parsnip, white pepper, garlic, leek. These vegetables mixed into a warm soup with rice is a good choice.

The metal season is a time to go inward to rediscover our true selves. It’s also a good time to recast & remold ourselves, return to our origin, affirm or discover our self-worth and work on our balance between strength and flexibility.

This is a time to heal, let go of feelings of loss and grief and appreciate the beauty of life.

There are many ways to support and balance our bodies with Traditional Chinese Medicine/ acupuncture which leads to improved physical and emotional health as well as appearance (as in skin and hair quality).

Using many effective modalities such as; cupping, gua sha, moxabustion, massage, herbs, ear magnet treatment, acupuncture and food therapy – one is able to detox, improve health conditions and live in better harmony with the seasons.

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